Kronos Titanium Dioxide

Kronos is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of TiO with six manufacturing sites, worldwide. The 2 company manufactures various grades of Titanium Dioxide, of both Sulphate and Chloride processes. KRONOS 2450 is a universal pigment with very good flow properties. It has good dispersity and is characterised by a combination of excellent tinting strength and a strong bluish tone. Applications range from polystyrene, copolymers and PVC films to Polyolefin Masterbatches.

KRONOS 2220 is the leading KRONOS rutile pigment for the plastics industry. It meets the most exacting demands for material handling, dispersibility, optical properties and weather resistance. it has been a market leader for many years, particularly in the field of PVC profile industry.

KRONOS 2222 is an advanced development of the time-proven KRONOS 2220. It confers maximum brightness and a neutral tone in white PVC specimens. It is characterised by high tinting strength and a more pronounced bluish tone in pastel shades, as well as very high weather resistance, compared to that of KRONOS 2220.


Rutile Pigments Standard Classification Stabilised with Compounds of these Elements TiO2 Content2 Min. % Bulk Density 3 (Kg/m3) Relative Tinting Strength4 Oil Absorption (ISO 787/5) Weather Resistance6
KRONOS 2450 R2 AI 96 900 109 14 C
KRONOS 2220 R2 AI,Si 92.5 900 103 17 A
KRONOS 2222 R2 AI,Si 92.5 900 104 17 A
KRONOS 2101              


Kronos 2450 2220 2222
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