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Non Pthalate Plastisizers( Makgreen )

Makgreen is a new generation Non Phthalate Plastisizer and is light yellowish in colour, It has an Excellent compatibility with PVC resin when used along with other primary plastisizers such as DOP/DPP/DPHP/TOTM/DOA and secondary plastisizers such as Chlorinated Paraffin.

By using Makgreen along with Primary plastisizers & secondary plastisizer one will get enhanced thermal stability and in turn increases the run time. Higher the dosage more is the Thermal Stability. Makgreen can be used for all the PVC flexible application such as PVC Cable compound, PVC Leather Cloth, PVC Films, PVC Sheets, PVC Flooring, PVC Flexible Pipes, PVC Medical Compound, PVC Shoe compound as partial replacement of Primary plastisizer. Makgreen can replace primary plastisizer ranging from 25% to 75% depending on the final product produced. The advantage of using Makgreen along with Primary Plastisizer and Secondary Plastisizer varies in each of the application as mentioned below.

The advantage of using Makgreen

  • The specific gravity of Makgreen is in the range of 0.910 - 0.940 as compared to DOP 0.985 & DBP - 1.040
  • Makgreen increases the thermal stability of PVC compound resulting in reduction of Lead Stabilizer Dosage up to 30%, which in turn will further reduce the Specific Gravity & hence can increase the Filler dosage.
  • Makgreen imparts better heat stability in PVC Sheets & hence will help in the reduction in the frequency of cleaning the barrel, increase of dwell time of the machine, better Aging property & increases clarity of PVC film.
  • Because of low viscosity of Makgreen, one can reduce the total plastisizers content in the mix to achieve the same viscosity while producing PVC Leather Cloth, and can also minimize the dosage of viscosity depressant which otherwise is additional cost and dose not add to the yield of the final product.
  • Transparency goes up when used in PVC transparent pipes.
  • No need to change the existing formulation, only replace the primary plastisizers and then modify the formula only if needed.