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Product Description

Thermolite 190A is a liquid,sulfur containing methyltin PVC heat stabilizer, which was especially formulated for good early color control and long-term stability. It is recommended particularly for clear packaging formulations such as good grade blow molded bottles.

This non-lubricating undiluted stabilizer allows the formulator the freedom to control the processing properties of the compound. Thermolite 190A provides excellent clarity and color hold in both blow molded bottles and film and sheet.

Typical Physical Properties

Physical Form                               :           yellowish oily transparent liquid

Color (Gardner)                            :           < 2#

Viscosity @ 25°C,mPa.s.           :           < 100

Specific Gravity @ 20°C              :           1.13-1.21

Refractive Index @ 25°C            :           1.500-1.520

Product Benefits

  1. Outstanding early color hold.

  2. Outstanding long-term dynamic stability.

  3. Sparkling clarity.

  4. Versatile - suitable for blow molded containers, extruded and calendered film and sheet