Epoxidised Soyabean Oil (ESBO) Makplast (Reach Registered)

Unsaturated compounds can be epoxidised by the reaction with peracids. These reactions are carried out by different methods and yield some products which are used as valuable, self-stabilizing Plastisizers and processing aids, and which are also known as Epoxy Plastisizers.

At Makwell, we use our own methods for the epoxidation of triglycerides and alkyl esters of natural fatty acids. These products are characterized by remarkable properties due to specific effectiveness of the epoxy groups and the special production method.

PVC resins deteriorate when exposed to light and heat and tend to become brittle and dark due to the release of hydrogen chloride. Makplast acts as a scavenger for the acid and minimizes the deterioration of the PVC. It acts as a plastisizer due to its better oxirane oxygen contents and higher molecular weight. Makplast can be used in applications demanding superior resistance to extraction.

Makplast - X, SN and SNS are compatible with PVC and many other plastics, synthetic resins, plastisizers, etc.


Appearance Pale yellow liquid Pale yellow liquid Pale yellow liquid
Sp. Gravity At 30°C 0.953 - 0.955 0.983 - 0.987 0.987 - 0.989
Moisture Content % 0.5% Max. 0.2% Max. 0.2% Max.
Oxirane Oxygen % 5.1 - 5.3 6.0 - 6.2 6.5 - 6.7
Acid Value % 0.7% Max. 0.7% Max. 0.7% Max.
Volatile Loss @130 ̊C, for 3 Hrs. 0.50 Max. 0.15 Max. 0.15 Max.
Iodine Value 7.0 Max. 8.0 Max. 2.0 Max.