Non Phthalate Plastisizer Markgreen

Makgreen is a new generation Non Phthalate Plasticizer and is light yellowish in Colour, it has an excellent compatibility with PVC resin when used along with other primary plasticizers such as DOP/ DINP/ DBP/ DOTP/ DPHP/ TOTM/ DOA and secondary plasticizers such as Chlorinated Paraffin.

By using Makgreen alone with primary plasticizers and secondary plasticizer, one will get enhanced thermal stability and in turn increases the run time. Higher the dosage more is the Thermal Stability. Makgreen can be used for all the PVC flexible application such as PVC cable compound, PVC Leather Cloth, PVC Films, PVC Sheet, PVC Flooring, PVC Medical Compound, PVC Shoe Compound, PVC Flexible Pipes and Eraser as partial replacement of primary plasticizers. Makgreen can replace primary plasticizers ranging from 25% to 75% depending on the final product produced. The advantage of using Makgreen along with Primary Plasticizer and secondary Plasticizer varies in each of the application as mentioned opposite.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance: Mild Yellow Oily Liquid
Purity: 99% min
Clarity: Clear
Appearance White liquid Pale Yellow liquid
Sp. Gravity At 30°C 0.924 - 0.926 0.920 - 0.925
Acid Value 1 Max 1 Max
Moisture Content 0.1 Max 0.1 Max
Heat Stability at 130 ̊C for 3 Hrs. No Change No Change
Volatile Loss @130 ̊C, for 3 Hrs. 0.35% Max 0.40% Max

Product Brief:

Advantages of using Makgreen: