FAM 501 is a new generation Flame Retardant specifically used for PVC Wire & Cable Application, With an ever growing demand for Flame retardant for all the major Cable application Our FAM 501 is becoming more & more popular within the Cable Compounding companies all over. FAM 501 mixes with the base PVC resin immediately when added in the Mixer. Further FAM 501 has good whiteness & excellent Physical Performance. The Multifunctional properties of FAM 501 includes, Reducing Smoke generation, Lowering the rate of heat release, Improving electrical properties like CTI & serving as an after Glow & burning Drip Suppressant.


Item Test Standard Test Results Test Method or Equipment
Whiteness% > 95.0 96.0 Digital whiteness instrument
Water content% < 0.8 0.65 Water test instrument
Ph value 6-9 9.68 Acidity Meter
Median diameter (um) 2.0-3.0 2.4 BT-1500 System
Ignition loss % at 290 31.5 +/- 2 31.8  
(MgO + Al2O3) % 66 +/- 3 65  
SiO2% - 1.43  
Fe2O3% - 0.09  
Na2O% - 0.30  
K2O% - 0.01  
TiO2% - < 0.05  

Product Benefits

FAM 501 can be used as a fire retardant in PVC, Polyolefins, Elastomers, Polyamides, In halogen-containing systems, FAM 501 is used in conjunction with antimony oxide, while in halogen-free systems, it is normally used in conjunction with aluminium trihydrate,. In some particular application specifically PVC Cable Compound Zinc Borate can be used along with FAM 501 to enhance the Smoke Index. FAM 501 has Subestantial price advantage compared to Conventional Molybdenum Trioxide.